You should be waxing your car four times per year.

If you’re like me, then you love your car, but you had no idea – did you realize that standard industry guidance is to wax your car four times per year?  Personally, I had no idea how important it was to wax my car until Joel and I got into the car washing business.  Cars have something called a ‘clear coat’, which is a protectant layer over top of the paint on your car.  Once the clear coat is gone, the paint becomes exposed.  Once the paint is exposed, a scratch becomes incredibly difficult and expensive to fix.

Surprisingly, clear coats can be somewhat sensitive to certain kinds of abrasion.  A local business man and I were speaking – he informed me that his father-in-law scratched his paint on his truck by repeatedly reaching into the truck bed from the side.  It turns out that something as simple as repeated reaches into a truck from the side of it can wear through your car’s clear coat and ultimately scratch the paint of an un-waxed car.  The source of this scratch – a plastic button on his father-in-law’s shirt!

It makes me wonder – what seemingly innocuous thing am I doing that’s ultimately going to leave an ugly and expensive scratch in my car’s paint?  Is there some part of the car that I inadvertently rub against consistently as I get in and out?  Am I opening the door / trunk in such a way that might do something similar?  What about putting the groceries in and getting them out?  What about the grocery cart?  I can almost guarantee you that my kids are rubbing against the car’s clear coat when they climb in an out.


Waxing is the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to protect your car’s very expensive and hopefully still-beautiful paint.

If you think that your car’s clear coat has been diminished, or is eroding from the daily commute, which can be caused by; exhaust, bugs, pebbles, bird droppings, UV light, road salt, etc., then @ The Car Wash is just the resource you need.  @ The Car Wash maintains a state of the art car wash and detailing facility in the Central Park shopping district to complement its experienced team of expert car detailers.

@ The Car Wash is Fredericksburg’s leading team of car care experts – our team has the ability to fortify your car’s compromised clear coat through a progressive variety high-value clear coat-preserving waxing services, to include Wash & Wax, Orbital Wax, and Orbital Wax with Sealtek, which are described in greater detail here.


Promptly replenishing or fortifying a compromised clear coat is imperative to preserving the beauty and value of your car.


If you think that you may have already eaten into your car’s clear coat, and can already see what looks like might be a scratch, then it is imperative to promptly address it through restorative services to avoid any future damage that might worsen the condition of your car – if for no other reason than to preserve its value.

@ The Car Wash in Fredericksburg does offer and can provide guidance on how and where to fix a damaged clear coat.  If the issue is caught early enough, @ The Car Wash can provide some restorative services, including a High Speed Paint Correction service, which can be found here.


Regularly washing your car to remove the airborne abrasives is the best way to aid the wax in preserving your car’s clear coat.

Even though you may not realize it, your car has abrasives that accumulate from simply being outside as was thoroughly discussed in a prior blog post which can be found here.

@ The Car Wash offers discounted detailing services to its monthly wash pass members, granting prepaid access to our 24-hour dual bay automatic car wash – what better way to protect your investment?  More information on our Wash Pass memberships can be found here.

@ The Car Wash is Fredericksburg’s premier 24-hour automatic car wash and detailing center located on an easily accessed outward facing corner lot of the Central Park shopping district along Cowan Blvd.  @ The Car Wash is adjacent to HH Gregg and is nearby Chick-Fil-A and McDonalds.    Our state of the art facilities complement our team’s abilities.  We use only the best in class cleaning products and equipment to give your car a deep shining and mirror-like clean.

@ The Car Wash is staffed with true professionals who pride themselves on achieving 100% customer satisfaction every time – our customers regularly exclaim ‘it looks better than the day I drove it off the lot’.  We proudly post pictures of our outstanding work here.  Our customers are frequently elated by the quality of our work.  @ The Car Wash would love the opportunity to help you protect the beauty and value of your car, just like we do for hundreds of your neighbors.  To contact us, please call us at 540-786-5959 or simply click here.

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