24 Hour Car Wash – A Deep Clean For Great Car Care

24 Hour Car Wash Service

Your car builds up a lot of grime and dirt on its bodywork during the thousands of miles you drive around in it. It can be tempting to let it stay dirty. After all, what harm is it doing? And it’s only going to get dirty again, right? Well, you’d be surprised. Washing your car only once or twice a year can not only leave it looking stained and grimy, but it will lower its value.

If you’re living or passing through the greater Fredericksburg area, head over to @ The Car Wash, a car wash in Fredericksburg, on 1711 Carl D. Silver Pkwy at any time for that deep clean.

Our automatic in-bay car wash is open 24 hours a day and will get your car looking completely clean again within minutes. It’s Autec Soft Touch, self-serve, and offers two wash packages: basic and premium.

Don’t wait until your car’s outer surface is caked in mud and dirt. Take a few minutes out to show your car the love and respect it deserves. Using our car wash takes no longer than popping into your local corner store for a few groceries. Do you ever pause to think about getting more bread, a carton of milk, or hair conditioner? Of course you don’t.

Learn to think about the needs of your car in a similar way. After all it ferries you about day after day: to the office, to the mall. You take the kids to school in it. Try treating your car like another member of your family. Keep it clean, healthy, and looking good. Head over to @ The Car Wash for some serious car care.


Basic Car Wash Package

You’ve made the right decision and decided your car needs a bit of TLC in the form of a full car wash. You’ve found @ The Car Wash because you know you can expect the complete deep clean experience for a great price.

Next, decide whether to opt for the Basic Wash package or the Premium Wash package. There’s just $5 dollars difference in price between them.

Let’s take a look at the Basic Wash package first. For $10 you get the pre-soak soap. This is where several small nozzles spray a special solution over your car designed to loosen any dirt clinging to the car. It also wets the car before detergent is applied.

You get an undercarriage pre-rinse too. Nozzles located near ground level spray the underside of your car, removing all the mud, dirt, and damaging salt.

Salt on the road is essential of course for keeping the roads safe in winter by melting the surface ice. But over time this guardian angel salt can corrode the underside of your car by accelerating rust formation. Worse, it can cause damage to your exhaust system, even precipitate brake fluid leaks. Many people who wash their cars by hand neglect to wash underneath. This is another excellent reason why you should visit an automated car wash regularly. Keep that salt off your car!

The Basic Wash package also includes the application of a clear coat protectant. This acts as a shield, protecting your car’s clear coat from the sun’s harmful UV rays, as well as from the rain, moisture, and oxidation.

With the Basic Wash package you get two passes for your $10. That’s two deep clean applications of a premium cleaning foam, and two all over scrubs with the scrubbers.

Next, comes the Spot-Free Water Rinse. Spot-free water is hyper-filtrated water, which contains no dissolved minerals, dust, or dirt. That means that when it dries, unlike normal water, there’s no frustrating residue to wipe off the surface of your car.

A 45 HP Air-dry completes the car wash. Blasts of hot air dry the surface of the car quickly.


Premium Car Wash Package

The Premium Wash package includes everything in the basic package. Your car receives four deep clean foam and scrub passes, however, not two, and the Air-Dry is 75 HP.

You also get two extra features:

  1. A tire and wheel clean. Special tire applicators spray-clean your wheels and tires, ridding them of their build-up of brake dust and other debris. These special nozzles also brighten the black rubber so that your tires look good.
  2. Tri-Color Foam Soap Conditioner. This specially formulated chemical soap is tough on dirt and leaves a great shine on your newly washed car.

Optional: Rain-X Protection

For an extra $3, you can include Rain-X protection in your car wash package. Rain-X chemically bonds with all surfaces, increasing surface protection and it repels water. It also gives your car a great shine.


Washing your car regularly increases its perceived value and enhances your driving experience. If you’re in the greater Fredericksburg area, call in any time for the best value 24-hour deep clean car wash around.

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