Car Window Tinting The Smart Way With 3M Window Film

When you look at the reasons for installing 3M window film in your car, you’ll probably wonder why you never did it before. 3M window film was invented 50 years ago and yet you’ll find plenty of cars on the road still not using this remarkable material.

Let’s take a look at some of the features and benefits of 3M window film. Firstly, it comes in a whole range of differing styles and tints, so you don’t need to make your car look like a US Secret Service vehicle if you don’t wish to. The 3M Crystalline series offers tints so light they won’t alter your vehicle’s appearance.

Whatever you’re looking for, rest assured that there’s a 3M window film that suits your style and is just right for your car.

This amazing material has many great properties to make your driving experience not only safer but more comfortable too.

3M window film protects your eyes and presents you in a fashionable style.

This fantastic product:

1.Reduces Glare

Is there anything more discomforting to a driver than the hot midday sun streaming through the windshield? It gets in your eyes and makes you squint. Worst of all, glare from the sun or reflections can affect your visibility, compromising your safety, as well as the safety of your passengers.

Enjoy safer driving and increased visibility with 3M window film. Glare is significantly reduced to the extent that you never need worry about it again.


  1. Reduces Incoming Heat

On a sunny day, hot spots can occur in the car, adding to discomfort for those traveling. Metal parts, such as seatbelt locks, can become too hot to touch.

According to the manufacturer, 3M window film rejects up to 60% of solar energy entering a vehicle. This can dramatically reduce excessive heat inside your car, and will lead to a more uniform interior temperature.

Furthermore, in the summer, reducing heat ingress with 3M window film helps you manage your car’s energy costs more efficiently. Your car’s air conditioning system won’t need to work so hard. Not only does this lead to a reduction in your energy costs but it also ensures that your daily commute is kinder to the environment.


  1. Reduces UV Rays

Driving around in a car without window protection endangers both you and your family. On sunny days, those daily commutes and weekly trips to the mall mean that you accumulate a lot of UV exposure over time. The vast majority of skin cancers are caused by the sun’s UV rays. Many car users are unaware that these harmful UV rays can penetrate the windows of a car.

Health risks aside, UV rays can also fade the interior of your car over time. Fabrics and plastic components lose their shine. Plastics can weaken too.

According to the manufacturer, 3M window film blocks 99% of UV rays. This leads to an enhanced driving experience, with increased comfort, visibility, and safety.


  1. Improves Privacy and Security

The darker tinted 3M window film prevents people seeing you and your occupants. Your valuables and other belongings inside the car are obscured enough to be inconspicuous, shielded from the greedy eyes of opportunist thieves. You can feel more confident leaving your car unattended on a city street because you are far less likely to suffer a break-in than if you have items on show.


  1. Provides Tough Protection

3M window film bonds with the glass in your windows, which means that it acts as a tough shield against physical damage. The film protects your windows against scratches. And if a window shatters, the film binds the pieces together, preventing glass fragments from entering the car and injuring occupants.


Crystalline Series 3M Window Film

Crystalline 3M window film is produced in six tints. The lightest is CR90 and the darkest is called CR20. The Crystalline series is a major breakthrough in window films. Even the lighter tints reject more heat than many darker films, and it won’t alter a vehicle’s appearance.

3M Crystalline is a sophisticated, paper-thin optical film with 200 nanotechnological layers. Tests carried out by the manufacturer have shown it to block 99% of harmful UV rays. Even the lighter tinted window films, (CR70 & CR60) reject at least 50% of solar energy reaching the car. This figure increases to 60% with the darker tints. Ninety-seven per cent of heat-producing infrared rays are blocked by all but the lightest CR90 tint (which still stops 90%).

Produced as a non-metalized window film, the 3M Crystalline series won’t cause interference on cell phones or GPS. Extremely tough, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty and is virtually maintenance-free.

@ The Car Wash, a local Fredericksburg car wash, are authorized professional dealers of 3M window film. We have the expertise to install all styles on any vehicle, enabling you to enjoy your ride with more comfort, visibility and safety.

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