Restoring Your Car To As-New With Auto Detailing

Auto detailing is the process of cleaning, finishing, and restoring a car to its original or better appearance. Auto Detailing can be carried out to both the interior and exterior of a car.


@ The Car Wash, a car wash in Fredericksburg, offers a full auto detailing service. So if you’re in the greater Fredericksburg area, you can rely on us to professionally spruce up your car both inside and out.


Exterior Auto Detailing

We know everyone has a budget for their car. This is why we offer auto detailing services. Our hand wash uses the best soap, soft towels, and plenty of well-applied elbow grease to clean your car’s surface and get it sparkling again. We do tires and wheels too, leaving the black rubber bright and clean. There’s nothing like our basic hand wash for delivering some individual care and attention to your car.

For a little extra investment, take advantage of our Wax & Wash service. To speed up the process and reduce labor costs, we apply the wax using an orbital buffer. This works off a compressor to make the job easier, but it still needs the expertise of professional technicians to avoid damaging the clear coat. The trick is to keep the orbital buffer moving at the right speed and weight, and to check for any debris that might scratch the paint. This can be quite a task for the newbie, which is why we recommend our professional Wash & Wax service.

Give your car the TLC it deserves. Finish off an orbital wash & wax by letting us work on its surface with a clay bar. What can a clay bar do? Quite simply, it removes the contamination on your car’s surface which might still be left even after a thorough wash & wax. Minute traces of debris not visible to the naked eye can get embedded in your car’s clear coat. Careful, gliding passes of a clay bar will remove all contamination. Again, this is a job best left to professionals.

Treat your car to our ultimate exterior auto detailing package. Let us buff on a coat of Sealtek paint sealant to give your car that beautiful deep, wet-look shine.


Interior Auto Detailing

Beauty on the inside is just as important as what’s on the surface. As with our exterior auto detailing, we provide a range of interior auto detailing services to suit every budget.

We use only the best quality liquid and foam chemicals, and the best tools. Our full package deep cleans every part of your car, including door jambs, mirrors, and vents.

Vacuuming of course is an auto detailing essential, but we don’t just wave the car vacuum around the interior. We get deep into the cracks and under the seats. For an extra premium, we can condition leather upholstery too, so that it’s left more protected and looking as good as new.

When the cleaning is done, we’ll add an interior protectant to create a great finish. The protectant leaves a micro moisture barrier, which protects against perspiration stains and harmful UV rays. Your car will also smell great.

Let us shampoo the fabric in your seat and floor mats, and add a protectant to avoid them becoming stained again. The result: great looking seats which are a joy to sit in and enhance the driving experience.

If you’re on a budget, $10 will buy you a cabin vacuum with complete cleaning of all mirrors and the dashboard. Excellent value if you’re just looking for an effective clean rather than a shiny, protective deep clean.


Car Restoration

Sometimes restoring a car to an as-new condition requires work other than cleaning and polishing. Car restoration is a specialized field, which combines many different procedures on a range of components. The aim is to return the car as near as possible to its original pristine condition. Sometimes car restoration can improve safety too.

Take headlights. Ever driven at night and wondered why your headlights aren’t producing as much power as they usually do?

To reduce vehicle weight, headlights are made from plastic. Unfortunately, this plastic can haze or even yellow in time from the degrading effects of the sun’s UV rays.

Replacing headlights can be expensive. @ The Car Wash can restore headlights with a method that combines expert wet-sanding and orbital polishing. Your body panels are protected throughout the headlight restoration process. As is your wallet!

Let us also remove decals, fungus, and water spots from your car’s paintwork. We’ll also buff out light scratches and blemishes.



Auto detailing is a highly specialized discipline best left to the professionals. The clear and paint coat on your car is like a sensitive skin. It requires car care from skilled technicians using the best tools and highest quality foams, waxes, and protectants.

Visit @ The Car Wash for a wide-ranging and professional vehicle restoration services, and world-class interior and exterior auto detailing.

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