Why We Use 3M Crystalline Window Film

@ The Car Wash is not just your number one car wash in Fredericksburg. We also offer car window tinting as part of our auto detailing services.

We have selected 3M Crystalline for our Fredericksburg clients, because it fits in with our commitment to serving you with the highest quality products on the market. There are many benefits to 3M Crystalline window film. It reduces glare, heat, and UV ray exposure, while providing privacy, security, and protection.


The Unique Properties of 3M Crystalline

Fredericksburg drivers will appreciate the unique properties that this car window tint features.

First of all, its metal-free design ensures that you will not experience any interference with your cell phone, GPS, or any satellite signals. Consider also that the 3M Crystalline window film is made from multi-layer nanotechnology. The use of this technology means that the film itself is as thin as a Post-It Note. Despite it’s minimal thickness, it is still able to block out heat to a high degree. In fact, it blocks heat better than darker tints!

While window films may conjure up images of limo-dark tinted windows, 3M Crystalline offers a high degree of visibility. With this window film, you can enjoy the benefits of a dark tint without losing visible light. This is especially useful in locations with window tint laws. If you’re unclear about the window tint laws, give us a call or drop in. We have all the information you need when it comes to deciding on the right tint for your needs and staying within the law.


Reducing Heat and UV Exposure for You and Your Car

Writer Anthony Gelenas tested window tints by placing his hand on various panes of glass that were heated with a 100-watt lightbulb. He determined that the 3M Crystalline car window tint made a big difference in how much heat he could feel.

“With the five per cent standard limo tint, the heat was significantly reduced,” said Gelenas. “But if you left your hand there, after a few seconds you could feel the heat starting to penetrate and build up. With the Crystalline 90, the lowest strength film available, my hand remained cool even after 30 seconds.”

The light tint of Crystalline rejects up to 60 per cent of solar energy, and up to 97 per cent of heat-producing infrared rays. The protection it offers is equal to about SPF 1700, which means significant sun safety for you, your passengers, your cargo and your vehicle’s interior.

When your vehicle’s interior is exposed to UV rays, fabric and plastic break down over time. You’ll find that latches warp, fabrics change color and fade, and things start to look old, quickly. This decreases the value of your vehicle.

The same holds true for your skin, and that of your passengers. UV rays can cause skin to age prematurely, leading to more wrinkles and sun spots. Exposure to the sun is also a big factor in the development of skin cancer.

Reducing heat can also have benefits for your fuel economy. With a cooler vehicle, thanks to a car window tint, you may not need to run your air conditioning as frequently, or as high, so your engine can get a bit of a break.


A Long Standing Commitment to Quality

As your top source for auto detailing and car washes in Fredericksburg, @ The Car Wash cares about you and your vehicle. We pride ourselves on using only the best products, and that is why we are an authorized 3M window film dealer. We sell and install 3M Crystalline because we know it works.

3M has been working on window films, and innovating new technology, since the 1960s. They are committed to creating high-quality products that protect people and vehicles from the sun, with a focus on keeping you and your vehicle safe from heat and radiation while still making it easy to drive.

The Crystalline window film series is backed by a comprehensive limited lifetime warranty – one of the most comprehensive warranties you can get – so you are continually protected.

We are pleased to offer you this fantastic product, and are happy to speak with you about how car window tinting can make your driving experience that much better. Our expert installers can help you select the right 3M window tint for your vehicle, then we will cut it down to size specifically for your vehicle. We handle the installation completely, carefully adhering the 3M window tint to your vehicle, all backed by our customer service and quality guarantee.


Do not deal with another day in a hot car, with dangerous solar radiation beating down on your skin and your vehicle’s interior. @ The Car Wash is here to help keep you safe and comfortable with our 3M window film products.

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