24-Hour Car Wash for a 24-Hour Lifestyle

There is the 24-hour diner, the 24-hour fitness gym, the 24-hour gas station, and the 24-hour grocery store. Now, @ The Car Wash in Fredericksburg VA offers convenient 24-hour services, including, of course, the 24-hour car wash.

We are currently operating as a 24-hour car wash and detail center located in Fredericksburg VA. We are even adding tint to our product offerings.

Below are some more details about a few of the many services you can expect from our business, day or night.


Car wash

We offer 4 car wash options for your convenience. Our basic wash package will cover all the critical areas needed to get the outside of your car cleaned effectively and quickly. Our premium wash service, however, will take everything that makes the basic wash fantastic, and kick it up a notch.

For those who enjoy having the ability to keep their car clean as the need arises, a basic wash pass might be an excellent option. The Premium Wash Pass includes all the great features of our premium wash package, but includes complimentary Rain-X protect and shine service, and discounts on extra monthly passes.


Car detailing

Whether you are a passenger or a driver, there’s nothing like traveling in a car that is clean inside and out. If you know what we’re talking about – or you want to experience this joy for yourself – try one of our combination detailing packages.

If you want to cover all the basics of detailing, the deluxe detail provides wax and hand washing, as well as full interior service. Our Platinum Package goes that bit further, adding Leather Conditioning services, a Shampoo Package, Full Interior, Trim, Orbital Clay Bar Wax, as well as a Hand Wash. Put the cherry on the cake by opting for the PlusSealtek service too.


Car restoration

Does your car have dull chrome, cloudy headlights, new scratches, old decals, or perhaps a grimy engine? We’ll restore and renew your car. Our service will make car enthusiasts fall in love with their rides all over again.

We are Fredericksburg VA’s ultimate car wash and auto detail center, and we specialize in car window tinting too using 3M window film. Treat yourself to a wash and wax service. And stretch your legs while we take care of a free vacuum.

The next time you need a car wash, be on the lookout for @ The Car Wash, no matter the time. We are conveniently situated inside the Central Park shopping district, alongside Cowan Boulevard and Carl D. Silver Parkway.

For more information on our car wash in Fredericksburg, contact The Car Wash at 540-786-5959.

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