Four Things You Should Know About Car Window Tinting

Window tinting is more popular than many people realize, which means that not everyone knows everything they should about the process. If you are considering window tinting, you should understand what it is, why people use it, considerations, and more.

What Window Tinting Is

First, you should have a clear idea of what window tinting is. This is the process of applying material in a thin film to the car windows. The material is multilayered polyester and can be applied either to the inside or outside of the windows of your vehicle depending on the type. The preference tends to be applying the tint to the inside of the vehicle since it will not have to deal with natural elements, extending durability. Alternatively, you could buy glass with tint inside of it, but this will be more expensive since it obviously involves replacing your glass.

Reasons To Tint Windows

You should also have a basic idea of why people choose to tint their windows. There are many reasons for this and most drivers choose tinted windows for a combination of factors. Tinted windows can deliver an increased sense of privacy since it becomes harder for passersby to see into your vehicle.

Tinted windows are also very practical, particularly during hot weather due to their ability to deflect some of the light from the sun. Windows that are tinted will let in significantly fewer UV rays and general sunlight than non-tinted windows. This can make the difference between a warm car and an incredibly hot one if you let it sit in the sun for a few hours.

Tinted windows will also improve your visibility when driving by reducing the glare associated with all types of light, from headlights to streetlights to sunlight. This can prevent temporary blindness or other distractions from light, keeping you safe on the road.

The film portion of tinted windows can also keep shards of glass together if you are in a collision, preventing the possibility of tiny shards flying everywhere and causing cuts.

Installation And Immediate Care

During the installation process, first, the glass on the window is cleaned thoroughly and wiped down. Most of the time, it will be cleaned twice since any dirt can lead to an air bubble in the film. From there, the technician measures the window and cuts film of the appropriate size, with an extra inch around. They apply it, using a special squeegee to remove air bubbles.

After the window tint is applied, you should wait at least three days, preferably a week before cleaning your windows or rolling them down. Either action could result in the tint not staying in place as well until the solution used dries fully.

It Is Quick And Affordable

There are many misconceptions about window tinting, including the idea that the process is expensive or time-consuming. Neither is true as window tinting is surprisingly affordable and very quick. A professional can install it within just a few hours, and it will not typically cost more than several hundred dollars. Prices will vary based on the tint you choose and the size of your vehicle’s windows.

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